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Шарик из ПТФЭ G819.4322 подходит для насосов Verder-Air VA50

Совместим с шаром Verder-Air PTFE 819.4322

Categories: Мяч подходит для Verder-Air−® | Product Name: Шар Вердер-Эйр

Подробное введение

Size: VA50, 2"

Part Code:  G819.4322

Material: PTFE

Compatible with Verder-Air Ball PTFE 819.4322

AODD Pump Store supplied parts are not genuine Verder-Air parts.

Вердер-Эйр® is a registered trademark of Verder BV.

All of trade marks, part codes,colors and descriptions are used for identification purposes only.

The product is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers referenced.

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